I’ve been using Google Keep for a long time to keep track of my subscriptions and bills. I’ve also tried numerous other bill trackers, but they are all over complicated for my needs. I stumbled upon Wallos, which is meant for tracking subscriptions, but also works just fine for remembering bills.

Key Features

  • Subscription Management: Keep track of your recurring subscriptions and payments, ensuring you never miss a due date.
  • Category Management: Organize your expenses into customizable categories, enabling you to gain insights into your spending habits.
  • Multi-Currency support: Wallos supports multiple currencies, allowing you to manage your finances in the currency of your choice.
  • Currency Conversion: Integrates with the Fixer API so you can get exchange rates and see all your subscriptions on your main currency.
  • Data Privacy: As a self-hosted application, Wallos ensures that your financial data remains private and secure on your own server.
  • Customization: Tailor Wallos to your needs with customizable categories, currencies, themes and other display options.
  • Sorting Options: Allowing you to view your subscriptions from different perspectives.
  • Logo Search: Wallos can search the web for the logo of your subscriptions if you don’t have them available for upload.
  • Mobile view: Wallos on the go.
  • Statistics: Another perspective into your spendings.
  • Notifications: Wallos supports multiple notification methods (email, discord, pushover, telegram, gotify and webhooks). Get notified about your upcoming payments.
  • Multi Language support.

Once you spin up the docker container you’ll be met with an account creation page.

Create your new account and login to get to the main page.

Now we get to add subscriptions. We’ll make a new one to see how it looks.

Once you have your subscriptions added you can visit the “Statistics” section by hovering over your username. Here we see things like monthly and yearly cost, most expensive subscription, and amount due this month.

Next we’ll check out the settings. Here we can set a monthly budget, setup notifications, create/remove categories, add/remove currencies, add/remove payment methods, change the theme and more.

If you continue on to the “Admin” section you’ll be able to allow user registration, create new users, setup SMTP and backup/restore your database.

All in all it’s a pretty nifty app if you need an easy way to manage your bills and/or subscriptions.

Docker Run

docker run -d --name wallos -v /path/to/config/wallos/db:/var/www/html/db \
-v /path/to/config/wallos/logos:/var/www/html/images/uploads/logos \
-e TZ=Europe/Berlin -p 8282:80 --restart unless-stopped \

Docker Compose

    container_name: wallos
    image: bellamy/wallos:latest
      - "8282:80/tcp"
      TZ: 'America/Toronto'
    # Volumes store your data between container upgrades
      - './db:/var/www/html/db'
      - './logos:/var/www/html/images/uploads/logos'
    restart: unless-stopped