I’m always on the look out for good note taking apps and this one should definitely be added to the list. Memos is a light weight and fast note taking app that allows the use of tags, a text search and the ability to search by date via a calendar.

Key Features

  • Open source and free forever. Embrace a future where creativity knows no boundaries with our open-source solution – free today, tomorrow, and always.
  • Self-hosting with Docker in just seconds. Enjoy the flexibility, scalability, and ease of setup that Docker provides, allowing you to have full control over your data and privacy.
  • Pure text with added Markdown support. Say goodbye to the overwhelming mental burden of rich formatting and embrace a minimalist approach.
  • Customize and share your notes effortlessly. With our intuitive sharing features, you can easily collaborate and distribute your notes with others.
  • RESTful API for third-party services. Embrace the power of integration and unleash new possibilities with our RESTful API support.

When you first spin up Memos you’ll be met with this fairly empty screen.

Once you click Sign in it will prompt you to create your host account. Then you’ll be logged in and see a lot more options on the screen. I’ve already created a few memos to show how it all looks and how easy it is to use.

In the timeline you can look through a calendar and pick out memos that you created during a specific time frame.

In the settings you have options to create access tokens, create new members, change storage location, and add custom CSS and Javascript.

Docker Run

docker run -d --name memos -p 5230:5230 -v ~/.memos/:/var/opt/memos

Docker Compose

    image: neosmemo/memos:latest
    container_name: memos
      - ~/.memos/:/var/opt/memos
      - 5230:5230